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As an experienced Las Vegas Nevada Immigration Attorney,  has a thorough understanding of complex immigration laws and handles a variety of cases administered by United States Citizenship and Immigration Service and The U.S. Department of State.


If you’re a non-citizen who is engaged to or married to a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident, you qualify to apply for an immigrant visa/ green card. Immigration Lawyer  was named one of the best immigration lawyers in Las Vegas in 2012.   can walk through the entire process of immigration by marriage and make the process as painless as humanly possible for you and your spouse.  Family unification is our highest goal.  Immigration Attorney  has more than fourteen years of success stories and you can become a new success story.  Please call to set up an initial consultation with Immigration Lawyer


As a Las Vegas Citizenship Lawyer,  can assist you in becoming an United States Citizen.  You will be given a quick evaluation to see if you meet all the requirements to take the U.S. Citizenship Test.  Also, Citizenship Attorney  will determine if you qualify for expedited processing of citizenship.  Certain individuals qualify to take the naturalization examination in three years, five years, or even sooner.  Please call  to set up an initial consultation with Immigration Attorney


There are many options for U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Resident who want to immigrate spouse, children, parents, and brothers and sisters.  Immigration Attorney  can assist you in processing your case and ensuring that the work is being done correctly.  Family based immigration petitions are a large part of our practice.  Start today and schedule an appointment with Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer


There are two types of investor visas.  First, there is the immigrant investor.  This type of investor seeks permanent residency through the investment process.The EB-5 program is broken into the traditional program where a person must invest one million dollars, hire ten full time workers, and actively manage and control the investment.  The other type of investment is through a regional center.  The investment is five hundred thousand dollars and all the other details are handled by the regional center.  The second type of investor is the non-immigrant investor.  This is the E-2 Visa.  This visa does not lead to permanent residency.  The United States must have a treaty with the foreign country and the investment must be substantial.  If you would like to make an investment in the United States and obtain a visa for permanent or temporary purposes, contact Investor Visa Attorney .  let his experience provide you with all of your options to meet your personal goals.  Call (702)  to set up a consultation in person, by telephone, or skype.


As a skilled Deportation Lawyer,  can assist you under the most difficult circumstances when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to remove you from the United States. There are many defenses for deportation such as political asylum, derivative United States Citizenship, Adjustment of Status, and Cancellation of Removal. Call today at  to set up a consultation with Las Vegas Immigration Attorney  to review your options to fight against deportation.


There are many types of Visas a person can receive which will allow him or her to work in the United States.  For Canadians and Mexicans, the TN Visa is available based on the North American Fee Trade Agreement.  For athletes and entertainers, there is the O & P Visa.  For professional workers, there are the H-1B & L-1 Visa.  As an experienced Immigration lawyer,  can assist you in finding a visa that you can qualify for.  call  to set up a consultation with Immigration Attorney